Kaango boasts the best self-serve ad placement tools

  • 3-STEPS MAX: Online advertisers finish in as few as one step. Print customers in as little as two.
  • No screen refreshes. Batch photo uploading.
  • Simple sign up allows advertisers to get started right away without registering first
  • Unlimited up-sells, bundles and special coupons.
  • Easy-to-use ad placement form leads users down the path without login barriers, or pricing package blocks.
  • No confusing choices over print, web or combinations of the two. One process serves all.

Kaango has the best search in the business

  • Kaango’s facet-based search allows users to effectively search and filter liners, online ads and display ads in a single interface.
  • Single site or national search
  • Kaango’s search is super fast and easy to use.

Your Kaango site is optimized for mobile

  • Unlike some of Kaango’s competitors, you don’t just get your regular classifieds website on a smaller screen when using a smartphone or tablet.
  • The Kaango software recognizes the device and displays pages optimized to give the best user experience.
  • More efficient and cost effective than mobile apps.
  • Easier to integrate with your site’s mobile offerings.

The Kaango network delivers volume without scraping

  • Deliver ad volumes without sending users off to competing sites.
  • By hosting ads on your site (vs. an aggregation partner site) you let users interact with a consistent interface throughout the shopping process. Sending users to different sites results in a disjointed experience with multiple logins and varying levels of security and consistency.
  • There are no dead ad links on Kaango.
  • Users always have YOUR navigation present while browsing ads from across our network. On aggregator sites, users are tossed from site to site.

Kaango provides software upgrades regularly and at no charge

  • Most software vendors require you to upgrade to the latest version. Not Kaango. You automatically get the latest software builds with every release.
  • We host your software so you do nothing but wake up to your upgrade releases.
  • Kaango issues new software releases every month.

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