Branded Classifieds


The Kaango network provides your Website with the most full-featured classified services available.  We primarily serve the newspaper and media industry but are also available to just about any website publisher.

We host and support your branded market and you populate it with your ads (print, display, MLS feeds, etc) and have your readers place the most robust and detailed online ads in the business.


1. Ad posting

  • Single point of sale for publishing ads to print, your site or other sites.
  • Integrated web-to-print all within the same posting process. No forks or splits in the process.
  • Online-only ads with immediate point-of-sale enhancements.
  • Unlimited photo uploads.
  • Built in ad enhancements (e.g. featured placement, bold & highlight, home page placement).
  • Unlimited custom enhancements that each media property can create and activate by category.
  • AdNature fields that prompt users to create robust and detailed listings no matter the category. Fields are category-specific.
  • Guests and logged in users see a pricing preview on the first page of posting
  • Dynamic pricing box updates on the fly as users select enhancements. The pricing box is on every page of the post process.
  • If the user’s session expires for whatever reason, they can resume ad posting any time right where they left off.
  • Users can pay at the point of sale for all fees due.

2. User Ad Tools

  • Centralized user ad management system.
  • Edit, cancel, clone or renew ads
  • Full accounting statement for each user
  • Resume unfinished listings where you left off
  • Sort and locate current, sold, expired and archived ads
  • Anonymous and secure email communication with potential buyers

3. Shopping

  • Detailed, nicely formatted ad displays every time.
  • Reply to advertiser and sharing tools.
  • AJAX-powered clip list to save favorite ads and print summary sheets.
  • ZIP filtering to give users a local look with the power to expand nationally with one click
  • Shopping pages have mouseover descriptions, user data, and distance from shopper for each ad
  • Syndicated market gives your local market instant ad inventory and greater selection from day one.
  • Alerts allows users to receive emails with latest search results
  • Detailed fielded data displays in organized tabs with no page refreshes
  • Smart shopping categories; users can hide empty categories or jump categories with one click
  • Filter ads to exclude either commercial or private listings

4. Security

  • Optional Ad Hold queue allows you to review all ads or ads in specific categories before they are published
  • Moderated marketplace to help ensure safe and secure transactions.
  • User-enabled ad reporting
  • Scammer alerts sent to all users contacted by a scammer
  • Heuristic software to weed out scammers before they scam

5. Print Ad/Publishing features

  • Single point of sale for publishing ads to print, your site or other sites
  • We import liners and display ads. You control the import schedule 24-7.
  • The instant a liner ad goes live, the advertiser gets an email with an opportunity to click for FREE and IMMEDIATE ad enhancements.
  • Add Kaango’s Web to Print module and your customers can post a print ad through our interface
  • Full self-serve export mapper and file generator. Create unlimited custom exports, with custom field maps 24-7. Push exports wherever you want!
  • Universal import tool allows you to create your own imports 24-7 (including photos)
  • Ad import and export API

6. Site configuration

  • Centralized web console for controlling virtually everything.
  • Your site’s look and feel
  • Your banners on the top, right and bottom of every page. No revenue sharing.
  • Set your market up with your preferred shopping radius and reach. Include or exclude ads from local, competing sources.

7. Ad pricing

  • Set ad pricing on the fly from a web console. Differentiate prices by sub-category and commercial status.
  • Create custom bundles of ad enhancements with package pricing. Set bundles to expire automatically.
  • Create custom ad enhancements on the fly and within any or all categories
  • Set the number of “free” photos included with an ad by category and by seller status (e.g. commercial vs. private)
  • Set the number of days the ad runs online by category and by seller status.
  • Each category inherits the pricing of its parent category. Create a set of prices for the entire site and then deviate by category and by seller status as needed.

8. Customer service

  • Your support personnel can modify any element of an ad on the fly (whether an imported liner ad, display ad or online only ad.
  • Full online support ticket service. Each user has their own “My Tickets” area to track issues.

9. Reporting

  • Activity summary by group or individual media property
  • Detailed report to show posting by category (by group or individual media property)
  • Download reports in CSV file for import into accounting software

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